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K2 Firearms LLC is a licensed manufacturer FFL07/SOT, we can put any markings you need on your firearms. All engraving is done on a CNC milling machine with diamond and carbide tools.



SBR/SBS Engraving

Engrave your Name, City and State as required by the ATF when doing a From 1 project, marking will be done to ATF specification with a minimum depth of .003" and height of 1/16".


Magazine Engraving

Easily identify your magazines on the range and keep track of mags that don't function 100%.


Ejection Port Covers

Custom engraved ejection port covers for your        AR15/AR10 with you own design.




Current turn around time for AR15 lower SBR engraving is 3 weeks from recieving your lower.


Typical AR15 lower SBR engraving is $40 plus return shipping. Lowers should be sent stripped. If disassembly is necessary there may be an extra fee.


Other engraving is priced on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the design, material it's being engraved on, etc. We can also provide graphic design services to help you turn your design into engrave-able artwork or create a design from scratch for you.

Send us an email If you'd like to get pricing or more info on engraving. Be sure to include what you want engraved and attach a sample of the artwork you'd like to have engraved if you have it available.

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