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REVIEW: ProGold MFR-7 Lubricant

Overview: Over the last few months we’ve been using ProGold’s MFR-7 lubricant on a variety of semi-auto, suppressed and full-auto firearms. I must say I have been very impressed with its performance after my initial skepticism about yet another “miracle” gun lube. We have found that MFR-7 is a very light viscosity lubricant that easily wicks into tight tolerance areas and resists building up like many other lubricants have a tendency to do, especially when used on a suppressed firearm. While MFR-7 is an excellent choice for lubrication we have also found that using MFR-7 greatly reduces cleaning time. The M16: To put ProGold’s product to the test we loaded up 1000 rounds of 5.56mm and headed to the range with a suppressed, direct impingement M16; possibly one of the dirtiest combinations going due to the increased blow back and back pressure from the suppressor and the presence of combustion gas in the receiver. The rifle was cleaned and lubed with MFR-7 before heading out. At the end of the day we headed back to the shop to give the rifle a quick cleaning and see how the lube performed. MFR-7 was sprayed onto the bolt carrier and allowed to soak for 5 minutes then the assembly was cleaned with a nylon brush. The carbon build up on the bolt carrier cleaned off remarkably easily in comparison to the scrubbing typically required which gave us another idea….. The Sparrow: Cleaning and maintaining your suppressor can be a tedious job especially with a “take apart” can which must be cleaned regularly to prevent it from fusing together with lead and carbon preventing future disassembly. We wanted to see whether a coating of MFR-7 would help to reduce cleaning time with a 22LR suppressor fired with un-plated lead bullets. We started off with a brand new Silencerco 22 Sparrow SS suppressor. The suppressor was disassembled and the half tubes and core sprayed with MFR-7. The excess oil was allowed to run off and the suppressor re-assembled. Several days later it was off to the range with an M&P 22 pistol, the Sparrow and 500 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt. Because of the unique design of the Silencerco 22 Sparrow SS we were in no danger of not being able to disassemble the suppressor if the MFR-7 failed to prevent carbon and lead buildup, but our results were very reassuring. After a spray down with MFR-7 and light scrubbing with a nylon brush we were pleased to find that virtually all of the carbon buildup came right off and the lead buildup was somewhat less than what we expected to find.

The Results? ProGold’s MFR-7 is an excellent choice for lubricating and cleaning your firearms and suppressors and we’re happy to recommend it to our customers. The lube performed well in a variety of firearms we tested it with and made cleanup considerably easier. We found that MFR-7 really shines as a mild and safe cleaner for suppressors and is particularly effective when used in a new can before the first firing. We never recommend you exceed the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning interval for your suppressor but using MFR-7 will make your cleanup much easier. Whether your suppressor is sealed or disassemble-able MFR-7 can help prevent carbon from building up and may lessen the amount of lead accumulating over time. A big thanks goes out to Doug Anderson at ProGold for allowing us to put MFR-7 through the ringer.

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